Vert Shock Reviews Increase of 9-15 inches in only 8 weeks

A good vertical jump applies to many sports. For example, from basketball, volleyball, and football, the high vertical jump needed to become professional. Especially in the world of basketball, dunking or vertical jumping in the air to squeeze the ball through the basket needs a high vertical jump, and it is a skill every basketball player would like to have.

Jumping high can help basketballers dunk over its opponents head, shoot, block, and catch rebounds. Therefore, you have to make this quality better. However, how can someone improve his/her vertical jump, and what is the best vertical leap program in the world that can provide real amazing success?

The answer is Vert Shock, a vertical jump procedure that is becoming more and more famous all around the globe. You can use this program for different ages with no element of being tall or having good genetics and even being able to spend long hours at the gym.

Curious to make use of the program but worry that it might be a total waste and money? Keep reading this Vert Shock review to discover more about how you can dunk in just two months!

General Vert Shock Reviews

General Vert Shock Reviews

In the beginning, many consider this claim to be a deception just like all the other online ads. Although seeing the results mentioned in this program might seem very strange, they are not impossible. There are many kinds of jump training programs available, but many sportspeople have made use of the Vert Shock vertical jump training program during today's world.

Vertical jump program selects a new approach towards the best height increase based on shocking the muscle system, because your primary method of daily jump workouts. The idea about the Vert Shock reviews is imposing shock on some sort of nervous system of your foot and creating results like activating type II fibers (fast-twitch muscle fibers).

This program has been created by Adam Folker to Justin Darlington (Just Fly), two of the most memorable athletes in the world of basketball. The athletes who also used this system have reported a maximum of twenty inches of increase in their jumps. This positive result is among the reasons to consider Vert Shock as the best vertical jump program.

When buying the Vert Worry training program, you will seek out access to a section on the web page created for exclusive members in order to enter the system from virtually all devices. Using the system, having all users during the physical activity in clubs and chatting together.

The section provides you with other useful techniques such as a tracking computer system to follow up your progress in the vertical jump. You may also make access to the essay forum to communicate with many athletes and users of our program, ask questions, and watch out for how the other members write their workouts.

What is the Vert Shock Pro Program?

What is the Vert Shock Pro Program

Before we begin this Vert Shock reviews, let's understand what Vert Distress is and who made it.

The Vert Shock program was created by Adam Folker, former Division 1 basketball player at UC Irvine, and Justin Just Voyage Darlington, an INSANE dunker with a fifty three vertical.

Here are two videos worth a wristwatch. The first one is at the hands of Adam and Justin where they offer an overview regarding their backgrounds living in basketball and dunking. They also identify how they prepared Vert Shock several different from other start programs.

The second movie showcases some of Justin's insane dunks and it benefits a watch due to the fact you can simply see how mind-blowing he is.

4 Quick Reasons Why We Recommend Vert Shock

4 Quick Reasons Why We Recommend Vert Shock

Really don't have enough time to read this entire article? The case problem, here are the top 4 reasons why my husband and I think vert shock is worth it.

1. Vert Shock works

The only reason you are even interested is because you are curious if Vert Shock works. We are here to tell you that YES Vert Shock works!

After running through the program just once, we attained 10+ inches on our vertical jump. So yes, although the testimonials for vert shock seem rather inflated, how the program does in fact work!

 2. It does not require a gym

A new second big reason why we love Vert Shock is normally because Vert Shock does not require a gym! The idea is great news for younger athletes who can't get to a gym. 

What this means is that Vert shock can be ended at a park and uniform at home. It makes it super easy and convenient but also now there's no excuse never to jump higher.

3. Great Design and Videos

Vert Shock has some of the best instructional videos I've seen for an online course with crystal clear video and as well audio. When you buy Vert Shock you are as opposed to buying some low quality 480p videos that require you to sit and watch hour long videos just to grasp the principles.

Vert Shock there are no real thought processes or complicated concepts to learn. All you should want to do is watch the videos once to know how to carry out exercises and then you start doing them.

4. You got to put your money where your mouth is 

Earlier than we finally bought Vert Shock we spent countless long hours trying to find free jump programs and tried to construct our own programs but we never completed them. Precisely why was because we had nothing pushing us. It was paying out of our own pocket for a problem we really wanted that drove us to the next stage.

After we paid for Vert Shock we shot the learning dead serious, we implemented the program like faith and experts did whatever we could to cook sure our team were heading to bounce higher.  When we got Vert Astound we viewed it even as losing money, so the actual event that we did not put into practice and see results this tool would almost be disappearing so my spouse and I decided we jump our money's worth.

In the main end it all paying off moreover still  we decide our buy of Vert Shock as one of the actual greatest financial savings in all these lives moreover we wonder if you if also send it any kind of shot in the event you tend to be dead dedicated about clicking higher.

Who We Are and Why We Want to Jump Higher

Who We Are and Why We Want to Jump Higher

Ever since we were kids we've always wanted to become athletes, however, we were never really gifted with much realistic talent. To make things worse, our parents were fairly overprotective.

We weren't allowed to play sports in the fear of being injured beyond repair! Needless to say, we didn't want to ever achieve our childhood goals of becoming pro athletes, however, weve never given up on our dreams of being great athletes!

Revisiting the dream

It had been about two to three years ago when Steven and I also started to play volleyball and we absolutely fell for each other. We loved how it was a change of pace whenever compared with more mainstream sports like basketball and football (both that we tried, and were not very good at).

It was when we began to play volleyball that we really wanted to jump higher. We strived to be formidable left wing and opposite hitters and to remove them we knew that we needed to jump higher.

The goal 

Sometime ago, did volleyball have anything to do with dunking? Well, since we wanted to jump higher to become more appropriate volleyball attackers, we knew we needed to set a target for ourselves. More specifically, we needed a goal that might be easily measured, and that goal is to dous!

In order to dunk, we knew that we needed to learn about the best ways to increase our vertical and we also knew that we needed to source the perfect jump program. We researched many different vertical kick workouts and we finally decided to pull the outcome on Vert Shock.

This is our review relating to Vert Shock Pro and the actual reason why we think it is essentially the most complete plyometric based vertical hop regime on the market currently.

Looking For The Best Vertical Jump Program

Much like I said earlier, we did thorough research and studied a lot of options before we decided on Vert shock. We looked into Air Alert, Boing Vert, The type of Jump Manual, Jump shoes (yes, we even looked towards those crazy jump shoes) and we chose Vert Shock after reading through countless Vert Shock talk about articles, blogs, and a ton of videos.

We are very serious about not wasting our money and our group needed proof that it would work for us well before we made the decision to purchase. On their website, they boast plenty of positive reviews which could convert any skeptic into a believer and that's what was held to us.

Our Decision

In the end, exercising . decided to choose Vert Shock because insane results were promised. More than a front page of his or her own website, they state that in case committing to their bounce program for 8 weeks, we could be putting at least 9-15 inches+ on our vertical go.

Vert Shock preaches a whole method for training coupled with increasing your vertical pass. They call it shock training. This training is meant to fire up your nervous system to make you bounce higher and we were skeptical at first, yet still after watching countless assessments we were sold.

The Vert Shock Team and Why You Should Care

Are generally numerous training programs on the Internet. Many of every one of them apparently do not work, and that comes as a tiny amount of surprise when you consider that many of them have proven to be designed by faceless trainers. The creators of Vert Amaze are not faceless or inexperienced. They are Adam Folker and Justin Darlington.

– Adam Folker

Adam Folker played more than 125 games for the UC Irvine Anteaters, which is an NCAA Division I team in the Big West Conference. He began his collegiate athletic career with a 14-inch vertical, but by the time he had been signed to play in the Czech NBL, he had a 32-inch vertical. Upon retiring, he took what he had learned and laid the groundwork for the original program that would become Vert Shock.

– Justin Darlington

Justin “JusFly” Darlington is a Streetball player who has participated in the FIBA 3×3 World Tour. He is a natural dunker who has participated in and won professional dunking contests all over the world. He rose to celebrity when he won the Nike+ Basketball Dunk Showcase in Washington D.C.—where LeBron James was a judge and had brought a great deal of notoriety with him. Darlington and Folker are long-time friends, and Justin helped him polish the program into the final product that is now Vert Shock.

My Results of 8 Weeks of Vert Shock

My Results of 8 Weeks of Vert Shock

Alright, let’s get to the real interesting part! Does Vert Shock work?

Before Vert Shock (29″ vertical)

To be able to assess my improvements, I measured my vertical jump at the outset of the training. I had a maximum jump of up to 29 (running). Not bad I could grab the rim, so I had some hope.

My Pre Shock Phase

Little while 1 was one of the hardest weeks of exercises. After being a couch potato for far too long, my body was shocked by the six intense workouts into seven days.

Below you can catch sight of some pictures of the park where I most often did my workouts. This kind was surprisingly fun, in addition , a great change in pace after sitting in a cubicle from 9-to-5.

As you can see, there have proven to be enough playground benches with regards to varying heights to get box jumps, depth jumps, etc. Presently is genuinely a small hill to find intense sprints!

Overall, a good average training session took about a wonderful hour to make. The coaching included the dynamic increase of the heat of up and the cooldown period! You and your family won't demand to spare hours just about every single day performing work on all of your vertical rush outs.

Even though I planned if you want to take once per week videos towards my progress, after Seven day period One, we were just too tired to test drive my up and down. In retrospect, Naturally i think One was adequate. I really doubt the type of results would have found itself pretty.

Week 2 – First improvements (32″ vertical)

As part of Week Two, I was feeling a lot better, thus I decided to use the day off to head to allow them to my favorite basketball court and take a few lessons of some dunk attempts.

Two weeks of hard training increased my vertical by 3 inches. I was very close to dunking for the first amount of time in a while!

Week 4 – The First Dunk (35″ vertical)

Times Two and Three were pretty much business as typical. I kept working hard and my vertical jump increased steadily.  When testing my vertical after Week Three, I was incredibly close to dunking, but the ball just wouldn't drive down!

On the best way towards court instantly Week Four, I have the stable feeling by which today will likely be the afternoon. My legs felt resilient and strong and springy. It had been hot (made warming all the way up a lot easier) and I also was pumped.

After working my forceful warm-up for 20 minutes and trying some springs without the basketball, My wife and I picked up my tennis ball and therefore tried a few dunks. I do think I had missed the very first three attempts, but Possible felt Utilised to be incredibly near. On the fourth attempt, I mashed it!

I tossed down the very first dunk in only 4 weekends! The hard work compensated in addition to not much time. I used to have increased my personal vertical by over 5 inches in a matter of 4 months! If I could carry on these improvements over the other 4 weeks, I might do a small amount of insane dunks!

Week 6 – Stagnation (35″ vertical)

Up till Week Five, everything went exactly as planned or even now better. I increased my vertical jump each week and also I was already dunking consistently with two hands. Document could picture myself throwing down windmills, 360s and between-the-leg dunks! Winning my first dunking contest was only calendar months away!

Unfortunately, my vertical jump actually lowered a little on the inside Week Six. Instantly 30 workouts inside only 42 days, my legs experienced really heavy and I was but beat.I decided to be able to take an extra day off, and give my aching legs some well-deserved rest.

The Final Push (37″ vertical)

When you are done with my short break after Week Six, I went back to work with great enthusiasm. During Week Seven I nonetheless not feeling great, but I was back to dunking easily even though my hamstring was really tight. Still, I wasn't as loose and explosive as I had hoped after my rest.

I guess that's the very sign of Father Time catching up with me. 5yrs ago, I would have been bursting with power quickly after two days of doing nothing.

By Week Eight, autumn had arrived in Germany and it started to rain per day. I had to do a lot of the workout plans of my final week in pouring dust. What a finish!

Fortunately, autumn also meant the facility gym where my team practices opened up again. I was able to test my vertical on an indoor area for the first time. The airborne dirt and dust and dust-free floor really helped, as well. My vertical jump was up to a new emotional record of 37 inches. I had been not quite able to reach my committed goal of 40 inches, but Acquired damn close!

My teammates couldn't think the way I was being dunked! Three different affiliate marketers asked me how substantial I was. They couldn't believe a 6-foot pure white guy could dunk because of this.

After practice, I was pitching down alley-oops and making all kinds of dunks with the tall males on the team. (I am by far the smallest guy in the franchise who is able to dunk.) What a superb reward for all the fans . work in the remaining serviceable 8 weeks!

And I am no outlier! Others have featured the same amazing positive effects. There is even a 55 guy that made his first alley-oop after Vert Shock.

Vert Shock Explained

Vert Shock Explained

Phase 1: Pre-Shock

The Pre-Shock phase of Vert Shock really gets things heading as you'll be doing many of the exercises which unfortunately you'll get familiar with over the 8-week period. The goal of Pre-Shock is to begin building your fast-twitch muscle fibers while minimizing the risk of injury. The truth is that your body adapts to the volume of jumping and as a consequence explosive movements.

Another goal of the Pre-Shock phase is to build your core, this also if yours has first been neglected will be a serious element in creating a significantly greater vertical jump. You'll be working out six of the seven days during the Pre-Shock phase of Vert Shock.

After this time you may find that you have added a number of inches to your very own vertical, which is actually damn cool for only 1 week of being effective.

Phase 2: Shock

You are welcome to the bulk of the Vert Shock program. The entire Shock phase consists of 6 weeks of workouts that follow a consistent format. Generally youll have 4 to five days of working out and 2 to 3 era of recovery and rest. To see optimum results you should follow the program specifically and do not workout in relation to your recovery days. Sore and fatigued muscles require sleep at night so that they can rebuild and become stronger.

We have found that the main focus of some of the plyometric exercises is to do each one with the highest explosiveness. Go 100% each time. This is the reason why the Vert Shock program gives you ample rest between say sets.

They want you to be fully healed so you can give the next set everything you have. At the beginning, 4th week, and 8th week avoid using do a vertical test to see your results. Keep away from not testing it more than this or you can be transformed into discouraged if you dont see the results that genuinely want for immediately.

Phase 3: Post-Shock

The final phase of the Vert Shock program is our own Post-Shock phase. This phase is pretty freaking intensif as you will work out 6 of 7 periods during the 1 week phase period. By particular point you should be much stronger in your area and lower body after having completed 7 weeks  Vert Shock.

Post-Shock will max and out so that rapidly as you get an one-time only chance to recover you will surely see the maximum quantities of increase in your vertical possible.

Extra Features in Vert Shock

In the Vert Shock program you get a maintenance program which you do once a week after you have finished the Shock program. This maintenance program will help maintain your vertical jumping gains over the long-term so which you dont lose what you worked hard to get.

Youll also get short articles or ebooks on things that hurt your vertical jump, five secrets to jumping higher, and a nutrition tips sheet. Nutrition in particular is an often overlooked factor in maximizing athletic performance, but it should be in the forefront of the mind as you progress through Vert Shock.

Probably the most valuable extra included in currently the Vert Shock program is the Complex Training Options Ebook. This workout program offers vertical practice technique using weights, and is best utilized when youve completed the 8 week Vert Shock course.

Having these complex training techniques allow you into go even further with your vertical training anyone are done with the Vert Shock program.

Benefits Of Vertical Jump Program

Benefits Of Vertical Jump Program

1. Types of exercises

Vert Shock includes 15 chapters, including different subjects such due to the fact scientific background of the program, optimal diet, complete form off jump, etc. Vert Shock is quite focused on short training window films so that you will see in detail whatever you really need to know.

These short training flicks are of high quality. About example, slam dunk workouts called maximum explosive exercises have not too long ago designed to be performed for two weeks. However, in other existing programs, it takes not a smaller amount of than three months to attain these workouts.

2. Time amount needed for the workouts

The most considerable difference between Vert Shock while other vertical jump practise programs that turns this method to the best can the short time required for exercises and learning. In other similar jump training programs, the shortest time is required is 12 weeks.

However, with Vert Shock, it merely takes eight weeks an individual to achieve the largest vertical jump possible. Both session of workouts doing Vert Shock lasts information about 45 minutes, and affected individual exercises take less some amount of time.

3. Difficulties of workouts

Here in the Shock review, the discrepancy between Vert Shock and other ideas would grow to be apparent. It is highly focused along advanced plyometric exercises. All of of these workout actuations can be done together with no surplus weight lifting.

So, it is a safe and effortless program performable in any place. However, other recommendations require surplus weight lifting, and needs unquestionably the presence to do with a mentor so which experts state you wouldnt incur nearly any injury with your entire.

Frequently Asked Questions Vert Shock Review

1. Is Vert Shock a Scam?

No. Vert Shock is a legitimate training program. But be careful that this is hard work. Like any training program, you have to put the effort in. You also have to be realistic about your natural athletic gifts. The incredibly few scam complaints we did encounter were from individuals who could not prove they actually adhered to the training, people who half-assed the program and people who received entirely unrealistic results.

2. Is Vert Shock Available as a DVD or Blu-Ray?

No. Vert Shock is sold primarily as an ebook. Your purchase, however, does include HD videos and the like, but do not believe a DVD would be particularly useful. It's actually not like you're Jazzercising in front of a Tv programs. You will ideally be implementing these techniques in a gym or on an outside basketball court.

3. Then Why Are There Images With DVDs and DVD Box Sets?

It's a good question and one that we asked ourselves. The response from support is that the images are 't literal and meant to indicate parts of the program and bonuses that include HD video. We know simply that sounds like and will not defend it. This kind of is misleading marketing at best, and it is every shame in our opinion because it undermines an apart from this great product for consumers who are paying attention.

4. How Long Does It Take to Get Results With Vert Shock?

This depends on the individual, including where his vert is nowadays and where his natural peak is. If you are already working hard and touching the rim, then you cure yourself of it by the second week. Many people see sizable results by week four, and you will likely not realize max results until week eight.

5. Should You Continue Vert Shock After Week Eight?

Yup. Maintaining peak athletic performance requires ongoing effort. After a person will complete the program, you continue what is called the perfect maintenance mode, and all the exercises you need so that you can carry out are included in the program. At this unique point, it should be relatively easy to integrate this method work into your overall routine. Be mindful that not having an ongoing effort, you will fall back into all your normal state. If you find that this happens, subsequently you will likely want to start the program again beginning with week one.

6. Where Should You Purchase the Vert Shock Program?

The Vert Shock course is not currently sold through third-party resellers. As of this writing, it is only got rid of by the original creators through its official website. You should therefore purchase it there in order to be certain that you get the authentic product and that they support the people who deserve it.

You will find various e-books, apps and extra products titled Vert Shock on sites like The amazon marketplace and eBay, but these are knockoffs and probably not the genuine training that has led to for this reason many success stories. Some sellers also sell adulterous facsimiles, and it would be a shame so that you support them rather than the architects.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I recommend this program to every basketball player who can be determined to increase his/her vertical jump. Not only do you jump higher, but you will also gain an association with quickness and overall athleticism. Other parts of your on the net game will also improve rebounding, defense and penetration.

Vert Shock focuses heavily on plyometrics and is, therefore, especially suited for players who have no access to some gym or very little experience with weightlifting. All gear you need is either a basketball or a remedy ball. Download Vert Shock here, and you can start working towards your first dunk today!

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